Genuine Parts and Toner

The CSL 100% Supplies certification has been developed by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance of your products. To achieve the CSL 100% Supplies certification a Konica Minolta dealership must guarantee to service your products using nothing but genuine Konica Minolta supplies and parts purchased through a Konica Minolta UK agent. Why is this important? Genuine supplies ensure the performance, reliability, quality and longevity of your Konica Minolta solution.

All genuine Konica Minolta U.K. supplies and parts are produced to the highest of standards at our award winning manufacturing facilities in Japan.

In order to achieve the 100% Supplies Certification a full audit is conducted of the dealer’s warehouse storage facilities. Once the certification has been awarded random spot checks are conducted a minimum of twice per year to ensure compliance. In using “compatible” or “alternative” toner cartridges you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Get the most out of your investment with Konica Minolta genuine supplies. Any damage caused to your Konica Minolta product through use of compatible toners, drums or parts is not covered by your warranty or Konica Minolta maintenance agreement.

Beware of Counterfeits

If the price is too good to be true, the product is probably not genuine!
Beware of counterfeit Konica Minolta consumables

Brand piracy is a serious problem for the manufacturers and users of quality branded products. In recent years the circulation of counterfeit products has reached such enormous dimensions that the world-wide economy is affected. Users of counterfeit products suffer because the fakes are usually not recognisable as such but can be expected to show a poor performance or even worse, in case of consumables might even damage the original-manufactured hardware. This in turn has a negative impact on the manufacturers, whose brand image can be seriously damaged.

The general public is much more aware of brand piracy where luxury goods are concerned. It is not widely known that the IT industry is seriously affected in particular with regard to consumables and accessories for hardware products. Konica Minolta Europe is aware of the fact that counterfeit consumables for laser printers are circulating within Europe. We are committed to removing these illegal products from the market and will prosecute vigorously in the criminal and/or civil courts manufacturers and distributors who undermine the integrity of the Konica Minolta brand by their activities. As users of Konica Minolta laser printers and their consumables please take note of the following details to determine that you have purchased genuine Konica Minolta consumables. Remember: if the price is too good to be true you are probably not buying genuine Konica Minolta! If you are not sure of your consumables’ origin, contact your Konica Minolta representative who will help you verify your purchase.

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