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In addition to providing business machines which increase your print and copying efficiency, CSL can help future-proof your business with workflow management, archiving and print production software solutions. These applications allow increased control over  print costs, manage and analyse network devices, reduce waste, move towards a paper-free office, create and manage an electronic library or archive and much more. Talk to us about:

Print/User & Cost Management:

PageScope Enterprise Suite

At the core of the PageScope Enterprise Suite is a central database that handles all user and machine-related details. Its operation is web based via an intuitive graphic user interface. The monitoring and management functionality covers performance, cost control and rights administration for all registered users and connected output devices.

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Print Audit 5

Produce reports which reveal equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks then relocate your devices and redirect jobs to the most effective machine to ensure that the most efficient use of available resources. Notify users of costs to facilitate informed decision making to reduce waste and abuse of printing facilities.


PaperCut MF is a simple, low cost software application that lets you take control and manage your printers, copiers and multi-functional devices. PaperCut MF includes embedded software that runs on your copier / MFD to enable tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device’s panel.

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Connect to existing email, fax, cost recovery and other enterprise applications to combine advance scanning options with a reduction in the cost and time taken to distribute paper via traditional methods. Increase document security with encryption and audit trails with user authentication.Manage eCopy enabled devices centrally to minimise IT admin time. 

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EFI Colour Profiler

For excellent colour calibration, consistent accurate colour across Fiery and non Fiery output devices and colour profiles that are fully compliant with Internal Colour Consortium (ICC) standards.

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Cloud & Mobile Printing:

PS Mobile

With PageScope Mobile, users can easily store and individually organise frequently needed documents on their smartphone or mobile device. This way, they are always prepared in case a hardcopy document is needed. Using “My documents” to store, manage and preview documents and photos on mobile devices, allows instant printing and scanning.

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Infonic Document Management System

Centralises document archiving, removing the idiosyncrasies of independent, individual filing systems to reduce onsite storage, administration costs and resource overheads. Automatically indexes and files scanned documents and provides online access to documents in a secure environment for staff and clients.


Under the new i-Option umbrella Konica Minolta presents clever function enhancements for the bizhub product portfolio. The “i” in i-Option stands for such attractive attributes as innovative, interactive, and intelligent. i-Option is all about streamlining user operation and increasing convenience.

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Nuance® eCopy® ShareScan® lets users scan documents securely and seamlessly via their multifunctional office systems into business applications that support electronic business processes. The software provides a consistent, easy-to-use interface across any capture device, promoting user adoption and increasing the value of enterprise hardware and business software investments.

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Document Navigator

With Document Navigator, document-based daily office procedures can be handled reliably and effortlessly. After clicking a single button, the application automatically reads out the required information, for example an invoice number, the invoicing party or date, and intelligently processes the document content.

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Unity Document Suite

As a straightforward desktop document management solution, the Unity Document Suite supports office workers in creating, organising, combining, splitting, searching and converting PDF and other files. The user-friendly suite of three applications integrates fully into existing business processes. The application is of particular interest for users in corporate offices who work with multifunctional printers (MFPs) and want to optimise document workflows.

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Colour and Workflow Management:

EFI Colour Profiler Suite

In today’s competitive market, documents must provide more data, graphics, and bright, crisp colour. EFI® Colour Profiler delivers a key tool for getting the best colour out of your printing workflow and ensuring consistent, accurate colour across output devices. This seamlessly integrated solution offers all the necessary tools to creating colour profiles and the flexibility to deploy them in any workflow.


Variable Data Printing:

Print Groove-JT Man/JT suite

Flexible and versatile, with the independent software modules Printgroove JT Web 4 and Printgroove JT Man 4, the Printgroove JT software suite is the ideal tool to use by all those charged with efficient print production and job management.

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Planet Press

This is a professional software solution allowing organisations to maintain and grow their customer base by adding value to business documents and distributing them in a format that best suits the recipient’s preferences. Its ease of use, affordability and open architecture make it the perfect solution to quickly and easily enhance, produce and distribute documents with relevant content that is sure to capture the reader’s attention and get the message across.

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