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Pcounter is a scalable print and copy management solution which enables organisations to quickly and easily eliminate waste, recover costs, improve document security and drive flexible and mobile working.

A leading source Gartner, estimates that businesses spend a significant amount of their annual revenue/budget (between 3 and 5%) on printing. It is the reason why Pcounter is chosen by many thousands of customers worldwide in all sectors to control these costs.

Pcounter - A Total Solution

Introducing Pcounter into your organisation will save you time, money and resource fast, life is easier for your users and their productivity is increased. Print and copy waste is dramatically reduced with Pcounter.


Make life easier for you and your users.

Rules based printing, printer management, secure access and mobile printing can be used in addition to quotas and charge-back features to help control print devices and costs.

Eradicate print waste - enforce accountability and make sure responsible printing takes place in any organisation. Waste reduction is achieved through features such as tracking and logging, deleting duplicate prints, routing jobs to lower cost devices and confirmation requests to help users check and therefore think twice before sending/releasing print jobs.

Pcounter helps printer management by monitoring and generating real time alerts e.g. errors, paper tray, toner and other warnings.

A range of options provide controlled secure access to devices before they are enabled for use. Including embedded software and external touch screen control terminals. Depending on the device users can release their prints confidentially, copy, scan and fax with all activity recorded.

Access methods include ID Card, Biometric ID, PIN or network user name and password.

Pcounter mobile printing options increase flexibility. Users can print by web and email to any print device from any mobile device – without the need for print driver installation and jobs are still accurately accounted for in Pcounter!


Monitor who printed what, where, when, and educate users on the cost of printing.

Pcounter is extremely flexible making it perfect for any cost recovery environment. All print and copy output is recorded centrally with associated costs and accounting for unlimited network and local printers. Pcounter includes sophisticated and automated quota management for free print and charging environments, client code configuration for departmental print cost analysis with charge-back to cost centres and client billing for professional organisations that require external cost recovery. Communication and messaging giving information about the print job (pages/cost) before printing helps educate users to print only what they intend and need.

Organisations that charge for printing may enable their users and guests to pay over the counter or using automated cost recovery options including web payment and touch screen kiosks.




Management reports at the touch of a button

Whether you use Pcounter’s core reporting functionality or one of the optional enhanced reporting software options, you’ll be able to easily see which users or departments printed and copied the most as well as what type of documents. This will help determine which devices are being over used or underutilised and which devices you can live without. You’ll even know the environmental effect your printing is having, how much you spent on colour printing, how many jobs were printed in duplex and you’ll have proof of how much you’re saving so you’ll have a happy finance director too!





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