Professional Services

CS Remote

Automatic device connection that monitors your product performance throughout it's life

A secure connection from the connected device to CSL means that faults are automatically transmitted enabling remote diagnosis so that we can monitor the performance of your device with live data coming into our call centre. Meter readings and tonor stock levels can be monitors giving customers up to date cost information.

Log Me In

Secure on-demand remote access and support

CSL’s ‘Log Me In’ software allows for remote support to manage connected devices and can eliminate the need for a technician’s visit keeping downtime to a minimum.


Free hotline support

A dedicated telephone support system, manned by technicians, gives access to fault settings, user advice and instigation of remote online diagnosis. Calls are monitored to assess whether further action by on-site technician is required.

Vehicle Management

Faster response times by flexible utilisation of vehicle assets

Vehicle Management software installed on all of our vehicles gives the ability to better target preventative maintenance schedules, save fuel and labour costs and improve dialogue between service control personnel and end users.

Genuine Parts & Consumables

Guaranteed within the contract

Improve the reliability of your device. Non genuine toner will give poor copy quality, lead to premature parts failure and invalidates the manufacturer warranty. CSL are one of only a few suppliers to offer genuine parts and consumables whilst in contract.

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